Ergos Shell.

Expanding the possibilities.
When we think Ergos Shell, we think of all the different places we sit on a chair. With a versatile construction, Ergos Shell is the chair suitable for different purposes within the same spaces. This is a versatile chair, as you can choose from a variety of frames for the same shell combining to the harmonious aesthetic and functional design.

All Ergos Shell models have a gas-injected polypropylene hull as the common component, which, combined with the various steel tube structures, origins different models that adapt to the needs of each space.


Ergos Shell Note 360

The Ergos Shell Note 360  is a very versatile chair that allows mobility and adaptability through its innovative 360º rotating paddle.



Resistance to impact, scratches and wear.


Sleek design for quick and easy cleaning.


Produced in a safe and non toxic material.

UV protection

Suitable for indoors or outdoors.
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