Desk 21.

Separate, join and create!
The DESK 21 U and I range offers the possibility to create different configurations within any school space. Compact melamine (Compacmel®) top and metal structure with epoxy paint.
Desk 21 Boomerang


Designed for different configurations in the same space, DESK 21 “Boomerang” allows a dynamic approach inside the classroom, promoting not only interaction between the entire class, but also between groups and from one to one.

Its geometry was designed to promote the creation of different working and sharing areas, ensuring ergonomics and good posture to users. With 3 positions, it allows writing on the left, right or centre, responding to the different needs of left or right-handed students.



Robust and high quality materials

European Norm

Dimensions according to EN 1729


Suitable for both right and left handed


Allows different configurations


Adjustable for correct posture


For an efficient transportation
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